I love to travel and have had the opportunity to go to some wonderful spots around the world. I always enjoy looking at travel photos, whether they're my own or someone else's. I also love to take pictures around Olympia - our area is graced with such amazing natural beauty and wonders! Occasionally, I will post a few of my favorites. Let me know in the comments which you like best!

The interior of our Capitol in December.  I had forgotten how vibrant the colors are inside the Rotunda as well as the spectacular architectural details. If you find yourself downtown you should pop in for a look. You will definitely be impressed! And to think they built this structure in the late 1800's! What amazing craftsmen they had back then. I remember from tours when I was younger, you can fit a Volkswagon Beetle car inside that chandelier!

Big Waves in Maui in December!

I went on a cruise with my mother in 2018 from Switzerland to Amsterdam, mostly on the Rhine and Mosel Rivers. This was in the 'castle district' of the Rhine River in Germany - for three hours there were beautiful, breathtaking castles on each side of the river. Like stepping back in time....

And speaking of castles, look at this idyllic shot of Reichsburg Castle in Cochem, Germany. One of the most beautiful castles I've ever been in - and I've been in a lot of castles!

And look at this funny little house in Germany - back in the day they were taxed on the square footage they took up in the square - so the lower part was very small and the upper part much larger!

One of my favorite places that I've ever traveled was to Prague.  The city was built in the 13th century and never bombed during WWII, so it remains a perfectly intact medieval city. Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. Like being in a storybook.

And of course you can't go to Prague without seeing the astronomical clock. (My daughter Carly and I in 2017.) It was installed in 1410 (!) and is the world's oldest mechanical clock still working. So fascinating and amazing! The clock not only tells time but also shows the position of the Sun and the Moon in the sky, the astronomical signs and a calendar dial representing the months of the year. Plus all the crazy little characters that pop out every hour and move around. This clock was the inspiration for a clock tower featured in one of the books I wrote. Seriously, a must see.


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