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TOP HOUSING NEWS IN THURSTON COUNTY REAL ESTATE - 2019 RECAP High demand and lower levels of sellers brought 2019 to the strongest seller’s market ever recorded. We are starting 2020 at just a 0.6 month supply of homes for sale (a balanced market sees between a four to six month supply.) Home prices rose higher than the historical average but surprisingly did not rise as much as might be expected given the supply-demand imbalance. That is good news for the market, as conditions here remain affordable, which keeps buyers interested and capable. It’s no coincidence that homeowners in our area are seeing record levels of equity, particularly those who purchase between 2010 and 2015. Those folks who recently sold are averaging well over $120,000 in price gains since they purchased. Those are sizable given the average sales prices was $367,000. If you're considering buying or selling - give me a call! Let me put my knowledge and 20+ years of real estate experience to work for