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Fall is a great time to hike in Thurston County

Fall is the perfect time to explore some of the great hiking trails we have around Thurston County and this Fall the weather has been especially nice!  My daughter and I recently hiked the trail at McLane Creek, which is a beautiful walk through nature, replete with wildlife.  The trail is flat and easily navigated and provides different route options so you can enjoy a longer walk of about an hour or a shorter walk of 30 minutes-ish. Located in the Delphi Valley, the McLane Creek Trail takes you around a big pond, which is home to beavers, ducks, birds, newts and all sorts of other wildlife. There are parts of the trail that feels like an old growth forest (see below) and other sections that look across the pond to the vista of the nearby hills of the Capitol State Forest. For directions and more info, click here to go the Washington Parks map and trail info. We have so much natural beauty here in the South Sound - get out and explore!  Do you have a great trail yo