Million Dollar Homes in Thurston County?

The average price of a home in Thurston County has been creeping up over time and now averages around $330,000.  We've all heard how strong the real estate market has been here for the last few years but we still have that small-town feel - do  you ever wonder if we actually see sales over $1 million dollars in Thurston County? 

The answer:  Yes!   You might be surprised to know we have 23 pending or closed sales of single family homes over $1 million just in 2019!  

All but 3 are either on saltwater or lakefront.  Here's a brief summary:

And if you're curious about what salt waterfront is currently available for sale over $1 million in Thurston County - you can go to my website - - and click on the tab "Salt Waterfront Listings" to see what's currently available by peninsula - Cooper Point, Boston Harbor, Steamboat Island and Johnson Point. 

Are you in the market to buy or sell a million dollar home?  Call me! I've represented both Buyers and Sellers on homes over $1 million dollars this year! 😊


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