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Million Dollar Homes in Thurston County?

The average price of a home in Thurston County has been creeping up over time and now averages around $330,000.  We've all heard how strong the real estate market has been here for the last few years but we still have that small-town feel - do  you ever wonder if we actually see sales over $1 million dollars in Thurston County?  The answer:  Yes!   You might be surprised to know we have 23 pending or closed sales of single family homes over $1 million just in 2019!   All but 3 are either on saltwater or lakefront.   Here's a brief summary: And if you're curious about what salt waterfront is currently available for sale over $1 million in Thurston County - you can go to my website - - and click on the tab "Salt Waterfront Listings" to see what's currently available by peninsula - Cooper Point, Boston Harbor, Steamboat Island and Johnson Point.  Are you in the market to buy or sell a million dollar home?  Call me! I've r

Seasons are Changing - Is it too late to list?

The sunflowers are blooming, which is always a sign that we are nearing the end of summer - and the question I start to hear now:  'Does that mean it's too late to list my house?' In a word: No. Though the summer months do remain busy, the fact that we have such low inventory in Thurston County means we have pent-up Buyer demand, translating to robust sales every month of the year!  In fact, we see a higher ratio of closed sales in December than we do in July! So, if you're considering selling - now is a good time!  Contact your Realtor (or me) and talk about next steps and what you need to do to prepare for the market in order to achieve the highest reasonable price for your home.